Adultery and its Investigation

Adultery is a voluntary consensual relationship between a married individual and someone who is not his/her lawful spouse. Adultery is considered as legally wrong and is a punishable offense. The act of adultery is a crime which breaches the marriage vows and is detrimental to public morals.

The legal definition of adultery varies from country to country. Laws related to adultery vary from statute to statute and at some places adultery is considered a crime and the adulterer may even have to face death penalty while at some places it is not punishable. In few statutes, if either individual is married to someone else, both parties to an adulterous liaison are culpable to the crime. Christian, Jewish, Islamic and Hindu traditions condemn the act of adultery According to Indian jurisdiction, the adultery law comes under Section 497 of the Indian penal code.
Our society abominates marital infidelity and these laws have been passed to maintain and preserve the sanctity of marriage.

Adultery or Infidelity Investigations (Marital):
Suspecting your mate of having an affair can be a very emotionally overwhelming experience. To be sure of anything you need facts. We will investigate the suspicious activity, helping you attain the truth you need to make important decisions in your life.

Adultery a ground for Divorce

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