Real Estate Acquisition

Thapar and Associates Law Firm has long years of experience in the evaluation, scrutiny, record search, negotiation, documentation and certification of real estate transactions. We assist in the purchase and sale of all types of real estate, leasing and leasehold financing of high-rise office buildings, residences, shopping centers and industrial complexes. We have represented developers, manufacturers, purchasers, sellers, financial institutions, hoteliers, and residential users.

We advise on all aspects of real estate acquisition, sale, development and finance, including environmental compliance, joint ventures, leasing, management and taxation. We are frequently required to advise on real estate as part of our M&A activity as well. Examples of services we offer our clients include:

  • Due Diligence Audit of a business’ lease, mortgage and title to determine issues facing a transfer.
  • Drafting and negotiation of sale, mortgages and other security instruments
  • Coordination with local counsel to secure compliance with local estate regulations, zoning and municipal regulations.
  • Development of a tax friendly model to minimize revenue and stamp duty impact of any proposed real estate transaction.
  • Coordinating with local counsel to achieve receipt of all applicable approvals.

We at Thapar and Associates Law Firm have super specialized lawyers to handle Strategic Corporate, Project and Project financing , Human Resource Compliance and Practice Cases at any stage.