Regulatory Corporate Practice

(a) Corporate Regulations and Compliance

Our corporate experience and depth of resource permits us to advise comprehensively on the entire spectrum of regulatory and compliance specific issues facing our corporate clients.

Our corporate compliance service extends to advice and review of generic corporate compliance, securities regulations compliance, exchange control compliance, revenue compliance, anti-trust regime compliance, supervening industry regulation compliance, industrial human resource regulation compliance, domestic, municipal and local law compliance and environmental law compliance.

As a continuous comfort program, Thapar and Associates Law Firm offers regular compliance review and certification through a seamless streamlined procedure that minimizes cost, rapidly identifies areas of concern and then proceeds to quickly address those concerns.

(b) Corporate Governance

Thapar and Associates Law Firm’s extensive experience of the corporate environment and the continuing presence of its partners on the board of listed and unlisted companies give it perspective on governance issues facing Indian corporations. Thapar and Associates Law Firm regularly advises companies on essential governance issues, associated compliance issues, and on downstream company secretarial issues.

As an external law firm review and comfort program, Thapar and Associates Law Firm clients regularly employ our Corporate Governance Audits to secure directors and exclude potential liability.

(c) Environment

In providing legal representation to a wide variety of US entities owning Indian interests with their associated core environmental concerns, Thapar and Associates Law Firm is at the cutting edge of the applicable environment protection regime. Thapar and Associates Law Firm advises its clients on corporate practices and procedures necessary to render our clients compliant with applicable law.

As part of this service, Thapar and Associates Law Firm has been privileged to evaluate the compliance of foreign owned subsidiaries with overseas environment laws as applicable to Indian subsidiaries in accordance with furnished briefs and is experienced in comprehending and translating into effect foreign guidelines within the Indian context.

As an associated service, Thapar and Associates Law Firm regularly performs environment compliance audits to secure the company and its owners, and preclude director’s liabilities.

We at Thapar and Associates Law Firm have super specialized lawyers to handle Strategic Corporate, Project and Project financing , Human Resource Compliance and Practice Cases at any stage.