DV Case Lawyer in Mumbai

Protection of Women from Domestic Violence (DV) Act, 2005, called as Domestic Violence Law or DV provides a variety of rights to women victim of Domestic Violence. If you need DV case Lawyer in Mumbai. you can reach out to us. Domestic violence (DV) Act has come into effect with the objective of expeditious disposal of the claim of women who are the victim of domestic violence. Domestic violence (DV) has come in to force with the objective of providing economic justice and independence to women victim of domestic violence.

Domestic violence (DV) law specifically provides the right to the residence. Right to residence includes in living in the shared household irrespective of the fact whether the wife has right, title or interest over the property/ residence. This legal provision is inserted in Domestic Violence (DV) law to arrest of abandoning the woman and children, if any, without roof and shelter in case of matrimonial disputes. Such a place can be shared household where husband and wife lived together and made such a house as their matrimonial house. Alternatively, the law mandates a husband to provide alternate residence comparable to the one previously enjoyed by the wife while living together. Law relating to Domestic violence has developed considerably. We have Best domestic violence (DV) lawyers in Mumbai. they keep themselves updated with changing law for the successful prosecution or defence of the domestic violence complaint. best domestic violence lawyer ensures maximum benefits of domestic violence Victim. In defence, good domestic violence lawyer(DV) ensures the best possible ways to counter the claim and get justice in cases of motivated domestic violence complaint.

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