Equity and Venture Capital

Thapar and Associates Law Firm Partners have been extensively associated with private equity and venture capital companies since 1992 and has experience in the structuring, drafting, negotiation and contractual closure of their investments in portfolio companies. On the exit side, Thapar and Associates Law Firm has substantial experience in negotiating and enforcing put and call options, achieving IPO within the VC context, third party negotiated exits, tag and drag along exits and litigation driven promoter buyouts. Our depth of experience has given to us a comprehension of the legal and commercial issues facing VC funds in India including especially control, exit option and exchange control mechanism related issues.

We have represented a broad spectrum of venture capital companies operating in the manufacturing (consumer goods, pharmaceuticals, automotive) services, software, media, web based and web enabled, and infrastructure segments. Through this experience, we have developed innovative Indian solutions to the core concerns of any venture capital or private equity fund.

Our ‘form’ documents are now standardized leading to lower legal cost investments for our venture capital clients.

We are experienced in handling hostile portfolio company situations on behalf of private equity and venture funds. Specifically, we have successfully forced resolution of issues though acceptance of a board seat, through flanking movement employing the jurisdiction of regulatory authorities, and through mainstream litigation in the civil courts and through the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) and National Company Law Appellant Tribunal (NCLAT)

We at Thapar and Associates Law Firm have super specialized lawyers to handle Strategic Corporate, Project and Project financing , Human Resource Compliance and Practice Cases at any stage.