How to Get a Divorce When One Spouse Won’t Agree

Every couple starts their journey with excitement but sometimes thing doesn’t work out between them and they take the decision to end everything, the feelings and decision aren’t always mutual. If you want a divorce and your spouse won’t agree you can do the following things discuss down here.
Consult with a Professional and Experienced Divorce Lawyer
Before taking any hard decision, it is always better to consult with an experienced divorce lawyer. Divorce is not an easy decision many life’s can be affected by this decision and legal procedure can be very difficult sometimes. Try to understand the possible outcomes and choices you have.
Be Empathetic

Start Conversation with your spouse empathetically and try to listen to the point of view of your spouse. It is important that the spouse understand the reason behind the decision you are going to take.


Most of the time couple don’t communicate it make the entire relation complicated. Many things can be solved by just communicating. It is important to communicate and discuss the matter frankly and truthfully. Most time couples hesitate to talk truthfully that makes hard to take divorce and understand the situation.

Give it time

it can happen if one partner doesn’t want a divorce, may be resisting because one partner doesn’t understand divorce decision properly. After telling your spouse about your decision take some time to explain properly give time to process emotions properly.

Other Option

If you want to stay away from your spouse, you can choose to live in a different house. No law Need Married Couples to live under the same house. You are still married or divorced you can always live in a different house if you want.

File Your Divorce Petition

If other option is not working it time to take the help of an experienced divorce lawyer and file your divorce petition. But try to solve the matter as peacefully as possible take your time. Divorce cases can be confusing and you should always hire a good divorce lawyer.

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